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Dhitivorada Rangbutuk (Thiti), LMT

My name is Dhitivorada but please call me "Thiti"

Originally from Thailand, I am a licensed massage therapist registered in Virginia that specializes in deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, sports massage, cupping therapy, reflexology, and certified to practice chest and breasts massage for pre-post breast surgery.  


Before I became a massage therapist, I've always been passionate about wellness and fitness. My passion for wellness led me to explore and experience different massage methods from Thailand and other countries fueling my fascination for the musculoskeletal system ultimately driving me to become a licensed massage therapist. 


My experience working in various spas and fitness clubs across continents combined with my deep understanding of both western and eastern wellness allows me to tailor treatments specific to the needs of your body and mind in a unique healing experience.   


Please contact me to find out more and get the best massage of your life. 

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